Attendance Solutions and Installation

Attendance Solutions and Installations for Employee Management and Tracking.


When it comes to the tracking of working hours of employees of a large organization, manual registers are not effective. It is difficult for employee management and leads to issues in discipline and loss of productivity. Ramnet Solutions provides the most advanced fingerprint and biometric-based employee time and attendance systems in Goa. The major advantage of this advancement in technology has made the tracking of the time and attendance data intrusion and manipulation free.

Attendance System measure a person’s unique physical and behavioral features with the help of an automated system. It captures the person’s face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice to grant access or record.


The major advantage of Attendance systems is that you cannot regenerate personal information by reverse engineering and the data cannot be stolen and used to access private and personal information. It brings the best and easiest solution for security and data as it effortlessly recognizes who you are and who you claim to be.

At Ramnet Solutions, we have a team of professionals who can carry out the Attendance device installations at your organization. We have a range of products from finger biometric, face biometric, palm biometric attendance to improve security and increase operational efficiency.

Most widely used in institutions, factories, and many other companies and organizations, biometric-enabled attendance systems promote easy management of employees and with our expert team, you will get hassle-free installation service at your doorstep.


We do the attendance system installations and provide after-sales support, Annual Maintenance Services for these devices. Our devices are of reputed brands like eSSL, Matrix, Identix, Biomax etc. We provide services in configuring these devices and the attendance system software needed to operate them.


Choose Ramnet Solutions for Attendance Solutions and Installations services.